Call for papers for Tetsugaku Vol.3, 2019 Spring

Special Issue : “Japanese Philosophy”

Tetsugaku, the International e-Journal of the Philosophical Association of Japan, calls for papers for the special issue, “Japanese Philosophy” (Vol. 3, 2019).


In Japan, the field of philosophy was established in the second half of the 19th century, alongside the assimilation of Western philosophy. The development of this new field, however, did not mean a discontinuation with the scholarship and thought of the pre-Meiji period. Rather, Japanese philosophy developed through taking up traditions such as Confucianism and Buddhism and reflecting on them in a critical manner. It is not possible to specify exactly when the field bearing the title of Japanese Philosophy (Nihon Tetsugaku) appeared, however Nishida Kitarō, the leading figure of the Kyoto school, wrote in 1944 that: “I hope that in respect to philosophy, Japan will in the future manage to develop a grand Japanese philosophy.”

From the war years onwards, research in Japanese philosophy has been closely tied to the thinking of the Kyoto School. However, this still young academic field has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, particularly abroad. Today, we see the development of a variety of approaches, as well as an increasing amount of research focusing on topics other than the Kyoto School.

In this special issue, we wish to highlight this energetic global academic environment for research in Japanese philosophy, drawing attention to some of the latest work that is now taking place. Please consider submitting papers which engage in the following topics:


  • Japanese Philosophy of the Meiji and Taishō periods
  • Historical investigations into Japanese philosophy
  • Philosophy of the Kyoto School
  • Japanese philosophy and war, ideology
  • Comparative research – Japanese philosophy and East Asian philosophy (comparisons with Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.)
  • Comparative research – Japanese philosophy and Western philosophy
  • Investigations into language, culture and art in Japanese philosophy
  • Theories of the body, technology, and science in Japanese philosophy
  • Logic in Japanese philosophy
  • Beauty and Aesthetics in Japanese philosophy
  • Theories of time in Japanese philosophy



[Deadline: 30 September 2019]

To submit your paper, please read carefully our Guidelines for Contributors.