Call for papers for Tetsugaku Vol.3, 2019 Spring

Special Issue : “Japanese Philosophy”

Tetsugaku, the International e-Journal of the Philosophical Association of Japan, calls for papers for the special issue, “Japanese Philosophy” (Vol. 3, 2019).


In Japan, the field of philosophy was established in the second half of the 19th century, alongside the assimilation of Western philosophy. The development of this new field, however, did not mean a discontinuation with the scholarship and thought of the pre-Meiji period. Rather, Japanese philosophy developed through taking up traditions such as Confucianism and Buddhism and reflecting on them in a critical manner. It is not possible to specify exactly when the field bearing the title of Japanese Philosophy (Nihon Tetsugaku) appeared, however Nishida Kitarō, the leading figure of the Kyoto school, wrote in 1944 that: “I hope that in respect to philosophy, Japan will in the future manage to develop a grand Japanese philosophy.”

From the war years onwards, research in Japanese philosophy has been closely tied to the thinking of the Kyoto School. However, this still young academic field has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, particularly abroad. Today, we see the development of a variety of approaches, as well as an increasing amount of research focusing on topics other than the Kyoto School.

In this special issue, we wish to highlight this energetic global academic environment for research in Japanese philosophy, drawing attention to some of the latest work that is now taking place. Please consider submitting papers which engage in the following topics:


  • Japanese Philosophy of the Meiji and Taishō periods
  • Historical investigations into Japanese philosophy
  • Philosophy of the Kyoto School
  • Japanese philosophy and war, ideology
  • Comparative research – Japanese philosophy and East Asian philosophy (comparisons with Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.)
  • Comparative research – Japanese philosophy and Western philosophy
  • Investigations into language, culture and art in Japanese philosophy
  • Theories of the body, technology, and science in Japanese philosophy
  • Logic in Japanese philosophy
  • Beauty and Aesthetics in Japanese philosophy
  • Theories of time in Japanese philosophy



[Deadline: 30 September 2019]

To submit your paper, please read carefully our Guidelines for Contributors.


紀要『日本哲学史研究《京都学派の知の新解釈と継承》』が刊行されました。 (本特集号 は、京都大学「知の越境」融合チーム研究プログラム(SPIRITS : Supporting Program for Interaction-based Initiative Team Studies)の採択課題:「京都学派の遺産 に基づく越境的知の国際ネットワーク形成」に基づく研究成果を含む。)




  • 前置きPDF
  • 京都学派における「宗教概念」  – 氣多雅子 PDF
  • 「種の論理」論争をめぐって ――高橋里美、務台理作再考 - 合田正人 PDF
  • 循環し、競合する概念 ――プラセンジット・デュアラ「対話的超越」と鈴木大拙  – 中島隆博 PDF
  • 「大西祝と和辻哲郎における忠孝概念」 – 志野好伸PDF
  • 行為的直観と形式的現象学(Transformative Phänomenologie)  ――西田哲学の将来を考える - ロルフ・エルバーフェルト PDF
  • 「名」と「実存」 ――九鬼周造を巡る一考察  – 上原麻有子 PDF
  • メディア哲学としての京都学派  – ファビアン・シェーファー PDF


漱石カフェ Sōseki Cafe
夏目漱石の魅力を語る連続トークイベント第1夜 小林敏明「夏目漱石と西田幾多郎」

2017年9月29日(金) 19:00〜20:40

会場 サロンド冨山房フォリオ(東京・神田神保町)






場所:京都大学 総合研究2号館 地下第8講義室




1.菅原潤 氏 (日本大学教授)


2.Rolf Elberfeld 氏  (Hildesheim大学教授)


Von der „handelnden Anschauung“ zur „transformativen Phänomenologie“.

Überlegungen zur Zukunft der Nishida-Philosophie



日時 2017年7月22日(土)13:00-17:30

会場 京都大学文学部校舎(新館)2階 第4講義室

呼びかけ人 藤田正勝(京都大学)

主催 杉本耕一追悼シンポジウム実行委員会

後援 京都大学日本哲学史研究室、西田哲学会、親鸞仏教センター

司会 山本伸裕(東京医療保健大学)

13:00-13:10 開会挨拶 藤田正勝(京都大学)

13:10-13:25 山本與志隆(愛媛大学)「杉本先生の思い出」

13:25-15:10 シンポジウム





15:25-17:25 討論

コメンテーター: 井上克人(関西大学)、 板橋勇仁(立正大学)

17:25-17:30 総括・閉会挨拶 藤田正勝(京都大学)    



2017年度 西田・田辺記念講演会

 講演      森哲郎 氏(京都産業大学 教授)

       「西田幾多郎における「表現」思想 ―『善の研究』の成立と転回」
         嶺秀樹 氏(関西学院大学 教授)
                        「初期田辺の反省理論 ― 西田批判の背景にあるもの」

日時  6月3日(土)午後2時より 
場所  京都大学文学部・新講義棟2階 第3講義室





  • 西田幾多郎と田中美知太郎 ――日本哲学とギリシア哲学の協働のために  – 納富信留 PDF
  • 南原繁の政治哲学とその射程 – 芦名定道 PDF
  • 井筒俊彦の意識哲学における言葉と芸術 – 廖欽彬 PDF
  • 「人間の学」から「倫理の学」へ ――和辻哲郎の「倫理学」体系の形成過程 – 服部圭祐 PDF
  • 哲学者・杉本耕一氏との対話 – 名和達宣 PDF




また、日本哲学国際学会の母体である Journal of Japanese Philosophy のホームページも併せてご覧ください。

International Association of Japanese Philosophy

2017 International Conference

Date: 28-29 July 2017 (Friday to Saturday)

Venue: National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan

Organizer: International Association of Japanese Philosophy (IAJP)

Co-organizer: Research Center for East Asian Culture and Sinology, National Taiwan Normal University


Globalizing Japanese Philosophy: From East Asia to the World


English, Japanese and Chinese

Important Dates

15 March 2017

Submission deadline of abstracts for organized panels and individual papers

1 April 2017

Notification of acceptance by email

1 May 2017

Release of tentative program

28-29 July 2017

National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan


This second annual international conference for IAJP aims at 1) further reinforcing Japanese philosophy as a global academic discipline; 2) exploring the potential of Japanese philosophy in its interface with the various philosophical traditions of East Asia, including, but not limited to, Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism; and 3) developing a solid research network within East Asia for the field of Japanese philosophy in order to facilitate its promotion across the world.

Riding on the wave of the very successful first international meeting of IAJP in 2016, IAJP’s second international conference will continue the promotion and development of Japanese philosophy globally. Although the reception of and confrontation with Western philosophy remains on the agenda of the 2017 conference, the IAJP also seeks to explore the comparatively underdeveloped but indeed important connection between Japanese philosophy and the philosophical traditions of East Asia. The philosophical and cultural diversity that Taiwan embraces will definitely provide conference participants an opportunity for inspiring intellectual exchange involving the people of Taiwan and scholars of Japanese philosophy from East Asia as well as other parts of the world. This conference welcomes proposals for critical and insightful presentations that challenge the study of Japanese philosophy through a re-reading and reconfiguring of related philosophical texts and issues, from the perspectives of Western as well as Eastern philosophical traditions. This conference specifically encourages young scholars to submit their proposals.  Topics may cover any period, figure, or context pertaining to Japanese philosophy and thought.

 Call for Papers

This conference invites proposals for organized panels and individual papers. All submissions should be sent to tetsugakuconference@gmail.com on or before 15 March 2017 (Japan Time).

For organized panels, please submit the following in MS Word format:

  1. Full names (surname in CAPITAL letters), affiliations (including Department) and email addresses of 3 to 4 members of the panels and indicate one as the chair
  2. A 250-word (maximum) abstract for the panel
  3. A 250-word (maximum) abstract for each papers of the panel
  4. Research interests
  5. Publications (optional)

For individual papers, please submit the following in MS Word format:

  1. Full name (surname in CAPITAL letters), affiliation (including Department) and email address
  2. A 250-word (maximum) abstract
  3. Research interests
  4. Publications (optional)

Each individual paper will be given 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion

Registration fee

Free of charge

Visa, transportation, accommodation and meals

Self-financed and should be arranged by the panelists themselves